31 January 2009

A Good Sign: Met Food

I saw this small, old Met Food sign in Greenpoint. Kinda cute and bouncy, dontcha think? Probably their look in the 1970s, from the style of it.


karen said...

there used to be a met food on jamaica ave between 169th and 179th st in queens, they were a small chain store-- 2 of the guys I knew growing up were stock boys. used to visit --nice memory. nice to see the sign again. thanks.

AM said...

I grew up in the Bronx, White Plains Rd and Gun Hill Rd, and there was a Met a couple of blocks away. One of my friends worked there after school as a cashier. Just found your blog, brought back memories. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

That's the sign! That goes back to probably the 60's and beyond, I remember that sign growing up in the Bronx in the 1950's.

Met Food is still around. They have 2200 stores now and we are one of their newest suppliers.