14 February 2013

The Popular Undertaker

A year or so again, I was inspired by an inscription outside the Most Precious Blood Church on Baxter near Canal to go on a hunt to find out more about undertaker Charles Bacigalupo. I discovered quite a bit during that afternoon, including finding the former (now hidden) location of his funeral home on Mulberry Street. You can read all about it here.

Anyway, a kind reader saw that post and sent me the above photo. It's of Columbus Park in the 1910s. You can't miss the Bacigalupo ad. "The popular undertaker of greater New York." (Are undertakers ever popular?) That Charles was sure a grandstander.

02 February 2013

Lost City Asks "Who Goes to the Danish Athletic Club?"

I went to dine at one of my favorite places in New York City, the Danish Athletic Club in Bay Ridge, just before Christmas. I had heard it might close at the end of the year. But the lovably ornery woman who runs the restaurant, Reidun Thompson, assured me she was keeping it going, at least a couple years, and all the reports had been wrong. Here's my Eater report: