25 January 2011

Underground Knickerbocker Door Is Back in View

After four years being hidden from the public, the historical locked door marked "Knickerbocker" that is located in a corner of the Times Square subway station's Shuttle platform has been uncovered once more!

Back in early 2007, the metal door—which had once led directly to the Knickerbocker Hotel, a fashionable place for a short time in the early part of the 20th century (the building is still there, at the southeast corner of Broadway and 42nd)—was covered up by plywood painted blue. It remained that way while unknown construction work was being done within the shed. 

I feared that the door, which is beloved by history buffs like myself, would be removed. But yesterday I saw that the scaffolding was finally down, and the door was just as it was. I didn't see any improvements to the area, so who know why the section was boarded up in the first place. 


icsedge1 said...

thanks for the tip, been wondering when i could see it for myself! now, a reason to go to Times Square. quickly, and then escape. thanks!!!

fifilaru said...

Thank you, I love finding things like this.

tacony palmyra said...

It's a shame that this being inside fare control basically precludes its use-- maybe the GAP store that's currently housed in the ground floor and basement of the old Knickerbocker building would be willing to reopen up the doorway for direct access to the subway. I guess there isn't enough space and/or political will to construct fare control gates there. I would hope that we're beyond the era of thinking that direct subway access is a boon to business and not simply a speedway for shoplifters.

During the Knickerbocker's heyday I imagine that fare control possibly amounted to a wooden box for tokens or tickets, permanently staffed by a man checking for scofflaws.

ziegfeldgirl said...

This is terrific - that beautiful 1930s typeface is worth the trip from Virginia to NYC. Thanks for posting this nearly lost jewel (and so many others). Love your blog.

Subway Subculture said...

this is amazing. how did you find this? i love mysterious subway experiences. share yours at www.subwaysubculture.blogspot.com