29 March 2006

Blogger Babes

This posting is totally off-topic, so I will keep it short.

Has anyone noticed that the most celebrated females in the blogosphere are out-and-out cutiepies bordering on hotties? I thought one of the fine democratic principles of blogging was that any shut-in with talent could succeed in garnering an audience, regardless of their appearance. But look at Elizabeth Spiers (Dealbreaker), Jessica Coen (Gawker), Ana Marie Cox (formerly of Gawker, now an author), Stephanie Klein (Greek Tragedy), Jessica Cutler. A little mousy, all of them, but otherwise there's no reason why Tara Reid has a film career and they don't. Coincidence? Doubtful. It seems that the world of blogs works the same way the film, TV, theatre, radio, news and literature worlds do. Talent's great, but a pretty face will send you that extra mile. It will also look great on that book jacket.

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