05 May 2006

Get Your Own Damn Post

This is just barely on topic, since it concerned the oldest functioning newspaper in New York City, the New York Post. (Oily and repulsive though it is, it has a place in my heart because Alexander Hamilton founded it back in 1801, just three years before he got gunned down by Aaron Burr. It also has good media and theatre columns.)

Has anyone ever noticed that this is the paper New Yorkers most want to steal? It's not enough that it's only a measly 25 cents. They've got to have it for free! I've learned my lesson many a time on the subway: hang on to your Post. Lay the Times down on the seat next to you—no one shows the least bit of curiosity. Lay down a Metro or AM New York, it may as well be a candy wrapper.

But the Post. I've put the daily down for five seconds and been asked if I wanted it anymore. It's like catnip for murder-minded, gossip-hungry straphangers. Worse! If your hand's not attach to the paper, people will just take it! "Oh, was that yours? I'm sorry." Yeah, right, you two-bit, neo-con cheapskate. Just goes to show you: Rupert Murdoch's audience doesn't part with money willingly and is willing to break the law if it's in their self-interest.

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