27 July 2006

Neglect, Mine and Con Ed's

I have been neglecting the Web Site during the last couple weeks, but I have a couple good excuses.

One: I work in one of the areas recently afflicted by the impotence of Con Ed and its sad excuse for a power grid. I have been working from home off and on since July 18, and have been one hot boy both here and there. And hot boys don't feel much like blogging. They just want to get cool, or find that next glass of chilled rose. (Con Ed's underground cables are not, by the way, one of the aspects of Olde New York that I cherish or wish to preserve.)

Excuse number two: I was in New Orleans from July 20 to July 23 and far to busy soaking up culture, food and drink to be running my hands over some prosaic keyboard. However, since New Orleans most certainly ranks as a city of historical and cultural treasures in danger of being wiped off the face of the planet, I will be spending the next few days relating it's wonders, as recorded by yours truly.

So, let us begin (keep in mind I am still very hot) with...

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