21 August 2006

No Comments—An Apology

My apology to all who have kindly sent comments my way over the past few months. I am still new to whole blogging thing, and did not even realize that comments were piling up, waiting for me to moderate and publish them, until a more computer-savvy friend of mine (who had sent a comment of his own) revealed the fact to me, and intimated the possible offense my inaction might breed.

Mea Culpa! No offense intended! I have read all your messages and published each and every astute response. Be patient with me. I'm a bit of a luddite at heart and I learn these things slowly.

And I promise: I'm going to buy a digital camera very soon and will start posting accompanying art. At present, I still use the Olympus I bought ten years ago. That's right: I actually load film and then later take it to the photo stores to have it developed! Can you imagine? Oh, and I don't own a cell phone. I know. I'm hopeless.

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