22 September 2010

Williamsburg's Cono & Sons O'Pescatore Restaurant Closes

Another potential "Who Goes There?" subject gone.

The wonderfully named Cono and Sons O'Pescatore Restaurant in Williamsburg has closed its doors after 26 years.

It's funny. A couple months back, I was choosing my next "Who Goes There?" destination and was torn between Cono and Frost Restaurant. I chose Frost. Wrong decision. Frost is still there. Cono is gone for good, and so is my chance to record a dinner there. 

The place shuttered after its owner Cono Natale decided to retire. It was a favorite of Democratic pols. Even Hilary Clinton ate there. All to chow down with local leader, Assemblyman Vito Lopez. According to the Brooklyn Paper, the place was known for calamari, veal and fresh fish dishes.

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