26 January 2012

Last H & H Bagel Location Closes

Thus ends the New York reign of H&H Bagels.

The troubled Manhattan institution, which lost its flagship location on the Upper West Side after its owner was indicted for tax fraud and the business filed for bankrupcy, has now seen its final location, on W. 46th Street, close. A city marshal seized the building and turned it over to the landlord.  remaining location of H & H Bagels.

The owner is talking about reopening at a new location. Doubtful, given his money and legal troubles. 


Ken Mac said...

Businesses go down, buildings are demolished, now they take some of our best food! really, what a drag. The best bagels bar none.

yinzerella said...

I am really surprised by this. A NYC institution!

Just Sayin said...

There's still H&H Midtown Bagels East on 80th & 2nd, which is separately owned but very good.