12 November 2012

What's Under the Siding

There's nothing positive to say about the state Hurricane Sandy left Red Hook in. But the storm did pull off one slightly interesting trick.

In the mid-20th century, in a misguided effort at beautification, many a Brooklyn and Queens building was sadly blanketed in aluminum siding. I've often wondered, as I walked by these eyesores, what sort of structure lay beneath the sheath of cheap metal blandness. I always pictured a handsome red-brick home or a brownstone.

Sandy ripped off a good chunk of siding from a three-story home on Verona Street. And the surface beneath it was not what I expected. There's basically a kind of plaster, stucco facade, colored a sort of umber. Nothing very attractive. It looks like the building was made of oatmeal. The window lintels are somewhat more interesting, but only slightly.

That said, it's still better looking than the siding. But you kind of understand why the owners, a half century ago, opted to a new, somewhat cleaner look.


David said...

That is cement covering the original brick. It was probably done same time as the siding 'protect' against water from getting under the siding and destorying the brick.

Sandra Ludwig said...

What a nice house this would be if you can reinvent and make some major renovations especially on the sidings. You can also opt for cement fiber sidings since this kind of siding can last up to 30 years. You get your moneys worth. Just my two cents, do not hesitate to seek advice from the experts as they know what is good for you. Its a plus if you hire a contractor because you get a warranty in the long run.Thats putting value to your money.

Sandra Ludwig

Unknown said...

I agree with Sandra since cement is indeed sturdier than aluminum and wood. It might be even able to withstand torrential winds brought by storms and hurricanes. Getting professional help is a good idea too said since experts have valuable information on what is the best for your house. Just remember to conduct routine checkups so you could see if some parts of your house need replacement or repairs.

Saundra Wordlaw @ Ports Mouth Area Roofing

Eugene said...

You can see cement covering the original brick under the siding. I've seen other houses that have the same structure. Owners prefer to cover their bricks aluminum sidings to protect them from the extreme heat of the sun and water damage. However, I believe that they have to look for sturdier and fashionable sidings.