23 April 2013

Rocky's Pizza, a Slice of the '70s

Rocky's Pizza in Kensington, Brooklyn, doesn't rank as classic New York. But it's an interesting slice of specific Gotham history. It was founded in 1979, nearly 35 years ago. And in case you haven't guessed, it was named after a certain popular movie of the time. See the poster below. That's the original item. Posters for other "Rocky" films in the franchise hang elsewhere in the pizzeria. 

It's an interesting film for a New York pizzeria to honor, since the movie's action is set in Philly. But I guess the owner really liked it. The motif is extended to the awning, which is decorated with illustrations of boxing gloves.

I also like Rocky's for this old school piece of Coca-Cola signage ("Italian Alps Pasta Pizza Platter"?), and for the charmingly crude murals below. By "Home of the Champion," I assume they mean Sylvester Stallone, who was indeed born in New York.

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