05 June 2013

Blarney Cove Latest Manhattan Dive Bar to Shutter

They're dropping like flies, the old-school Manhattan dives. The Mars Bar, the Holiday Cocktail Lounge, the Emerald Inn. And now the Blarney Cove, a narrow slice of drunken darkness on 14th Street and Avenue A.

The property has been leased to another company, and the bar has posted a closing date of June 30. The bar has for some time been surrounded by vacant storefronts. Apparently, the whole stretch of street is now earmarked for developed. Lovely.

No idea on the age of this place. My guess, judging by the decor, is a birthdate sometime in the 1970s. But the space has probably been home to a bar far longer than that.


Mitch said...

At least the Emerald Inn has reopened on 72nd St.

Ed said...

And this was one of the better dive bars. But its not that kind of a city anymore.

BabyDave said...

It's getting so that you can't get a decent drink at 8 a.m. anymore. The Blarney Cove was certainly good for that.
Just a nice, normal joint. No room for that anymore.

The Fire Man said...

At least we will always have McSorleys.