31 August 2013

Restored Neon Signs Back on Long Island Restaurant

The new lease-holders on the Long Island Restaurant space on Atlantic Avenue have returned the iconic space's neon signs to their rightful place on the east and north sides of the corner building. The signs were removed back in June. Many thought they were gone for good. But the people who plan to open a new restaurant and bar in the old space—which has lain dormant for many years—reassured the concerned public that the signs were being refurbishing at the Manhattan neon outfit Let There Be Neon.

The signs, quite honestly, don't look much different. The main improvement, as far as I can tell, is they have been outfitting with new neon. Letters that were empty of neon before (the capital cursive "L," for instance) now have what look like fresh tubes. So we may soon see the glorious sign lit up at night for the first time in decades.

One curious thing about the restoration job: there is neon in every letter of the sign, but the "sla" in "Island." So, on the north facade, it seems the sign would say—when lit—"Long I  nd Restaurant." Even more curious: those were letter that had neon before the restoration.


Mitch said...

Looks lovely - can't wait.

Unknown said...

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