15 October 2013

Le Figaro Cafe Replacement Replaced

Back in 2008, we all had to watch and grit our teeth as Le Figaro Cafe, one of the last survivors of the days when Macdougal and Bleecker was the center of creative and bohemian life in New York, went under and was replaced—in exquisitely apt New-New York form—with an outpost of the Qdoba fast food chain.

Well, that lasted all of four years. Qdoba has called it Qdits. A fine illustration of how worthless and evanescent the things we're replacing our landmarks with are.


Anonymous said...

Your comment is so on target, I could dance.

It took me a year to even believe they were going to let Le Figaro leave that corner---so for me, it's only been 3 years of boycotting the new pretender.

Ken Mac said...

their food was the worst and am surprised it lasted as long as it did

Unknown said...

I was shocked to see it gone - like so many other legendary NY institutions. The New York I knew is toast.

Sara Jones said...

Loved The Figaro in the late 70's when I was one of the artists that worked there. It's heartbreaking when landmarks disappear. Sadly an end of an era.