12 November 2013

Lost City: Indiana Edition: A Good Sign: The Linebacker Inn

The Linebacker Inn, a South Bend bar within throwing distance of the Notre Dame football stadium, wins "A Good Sign" kudos three times over, for the above beauty...

...and this more humble, Coca-Cola-sponsored relic on the side...

...and for this painted sign near the entrance. Apparently "The Backer" is what the bar is known as by its regulars. You can't see in this picture, but a small sign on the door warns "This is a smoking establishment." Also, showing the tavern has a social conscience, there is a list of taxi services and their phone numbers above the "The Backer" sign. 

The Linebacker Inn was founded in 1962 by a Notre Dame football player named Myron Pontios. The low, cinder-block building it's in used to be a drive-in (it's surrounded by streets on three sides). In 1984, current owner Elwanda "Al" Delinski bought the place. 

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