26 March 2014

Founder of Caputo Fine Foods Dies

When I went to Caputo Fine Foods on Court Street last Friday to buy some gnocchi and found it closed during business hours for no clear reason, I was alarmed and wondered if something was amiss. I discovered today that he closure was due to the death of the shop's founder, Guiseppe Caputo. He died on March 21. Guiseppe waited on me a number of times (though he spent more time in the back kitchen than at the counter). As with everyone at Caputo Fine Foods, he was attentive and friendly.

Caputo and his wife opened the store in 1973. Since then, it's become to be widely regarded as the best source of Italian foodstuffs in the neighborhood, particularly the homemade pasta, the mozzarella and the olives. The shop is now run by his sons.

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