01 April 2014

Perfect Storefront: Broadway Shoe Repair

This tiny place is either called Broadway Shoe Repair or Ban's Shoe Repair. (The signs vary.) It is at 272 Broadway, under the shadow of the Marcy Avenue elevated JMZ subway track. It's one of the last really old looking shops on that strip, which has become crowded with crummy chain stores. Note that, despite the narrow frontage, the shop managed to have an indented entrance and glass display cases on either side. Based on Yelp reviews I've read, the little shop boasts great service and low prices. Seems to be a vestige of an old-fashioned merchant work ethic.

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Unknown said...

Shoe repair shops like this make me wish I broke my shoes more! It's such an adorable little place, and I would love to go somewhere like this. My friend is always breaking her shoes, and I think she should go to a place like this. I would go with her to get her shoe repaired, if she went to a place like this.

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