12 May 2014

First Visit to Sarge's Deli 2.0

It took me shamefully long to get back to Sarge's Deli, which reopened March 6 after a 15-month closure caused by a fire that broke out in November 2012. I should have been there at the door the day they turned out their first sandwich.

I'm happy to report that the joint's rebuild is very much in keeping with its old 1970s-era vibe. It looks very much the same, only cleaner. Same earth-tone color scheme, same fabulous-tacky Tiffany light fixtures. And I'm 95% sure that the wait staff is exactly the same.

I took advantage of the wonderful bargain that is the lunch special. $13.95 for a half-sandwich, cup of soup, fries or potato salad and a fountain drink. All were delicious.

The place was crowded. (Pay no attention to the photo above; I took it for art's sake; the other tables will all filled.) The crowd was mainly older. So it looks like the locals and habitues all returned.


Mitch said...

When I get a sandwich like that I always get extra bread and redistribute the meat.

Brooks of Sheffield said...