29 October 2007

Kane Slew Harrison

The only extant evidence that Kane Street in Cobble Hill used to bear a different name cam be found at the corner of Kane and Cheever Place. Look up and you'll be an old fashioned brick street marker that reads "Cheever" on one said and "Harrison" on the other. (You can't see if in the photo; my camera sucks and the letters are rather worn away.)

Harrison? Yes, Kane Street used to be Harrison Street. In fact, the historical Kane Street Synagogue used to be called the Harrison Street Synagogue. The change came in the 1920s, I believe. I don't know who Harrison was or who Kane was or why it was changed.


rexlic said...

"Brooklyn By Name:How The Neighborhoods, Streets, Parks, Bridges and More Got Their Name," by Leonard Bernardo and Jennifer Weiss (NYU Press, 2006) came out last year. My guess is the answer to your query can be found there.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

You're right. I've got to get that book.

J$ said...

I suspect it's probably either President Benjamin Harrison or (less likely) President William Henry Harrison; although it's a fairly common name and could really be anyone.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Two good choices, j$, but I wonder if, since so many old Brooklyn streets were named after local landowners and merchants (DeGraw, Bergen, etc.), it wasn't some neighborhood leader.