10 August 2009

Rich People, Running Their Games

Wal-Mart once again trying to bring their crappy shit merchandise and soul-and-small-business-killing policies to NYC. [Crains]

Annie Liebowitz finds a way to ruin not one, not two, but three landmarked Greenwich Village townhouses. [Bloomberg]

Rich developers don't have to worry about putting in affordable housing units because our rich mayor never checks up on them [The Daily News] Not that those "affordable" housing units would have ever really been truly affordable. [Queens Crap]

Elite High Line Park, enjoyed by well-off people in a well-off neighborhood, and managed by people with huge salaries, costs tons to run, much of which bill will be footed by business owners and taxpayers. [NY Post]


kingb said...

of these lovely stories, i find the High Line article most depressing...and truly indicative of what I'm beginning to hate about new york.

and what i can't stand is when i happen to communicate with non-nyers, either in person, or online...they rave about how cool it must be, how fortunate i am to be living here...makes me want to puke

Ken Mac said...

all that high line cash and they still haven't gotten rights to finish the thing up to 33rd Street

Fer*Cambe said...

The Walmart thing is most depressing to me, even though I feel they won't be able to get in, it would really be the beginning of the end, or middle of the end I guess?

Sedge said...

I am no fan of Wally World (Target, yes!), but I can't ever recall seeing any of those union types trying to get grocery stores into all the places in NYC that need them! There is a reason why people shop at WalMart, and the City does have a couple million of those people. They will find a way in sooner or later. If you don't like it, stay away. I will, but I also need more (and better) grocery stores in East Harlem!