21 January 2007

A Good Sign: Jade Mountain

Jade Mountain may be the last Chop Suey palace left in Manhattan, a relic from the days when hip New Yorkers knew but one form of Chinese cusine, and ate a lot of Moo Shoo Pork, Egg Foo Young and Beef Chow Fun. It's been there on Second Avenue near 12th Street since 1931 and who knows how it has hung on. But, for the neon sign outside along, it deserves landmark status. I knew the place when every letter was lit in beautifu, vibrant pink-red. But now the front sign proclaims only "Jade Tain," while the two-sided sign hung above it does a neater trick: the south side says only "Mein" and the north side tempts you with "Chow."

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ate there the other night for the first time. And the last. They were closing. The death of the owner (bicycle delivery accident in the fall) was, I believe, too much for the family.

Although I do believe they own the building.