23 January 2007

Revere Palls

The Revere Sugar Plant, a monument of sorts down near the piers of south Red Hook, is on its way out, being dismantled bit by bit by Thor Equities, who soul-killing mission statement runs like this: "Our mission is to provide the best possible retail and mixed use building environment within urban markets across the United States, for our customers, with a focus on providing attractive risk adjusted returns to our investors."

Yup, they actually state that, and with pride. Doesn't that bit about "mixed use buidling environment" just give your chills up and down my spine.

Anyway, Revere was a ruin, to be sure. But it was a picturesque ruin, one of a kind. I liked looking at the hulking oddity of it. The keen photo is courtesy of The Gowanus Lounge at www.gowanuslounge.blogspot.com.

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