17 October 2010

Greenport: Home of Great Signs

A stray post here. Just cause I feel like it.

Went to Greenport, Long Island, for the first time last week, and found it a veritable treasure trove of great old signs. Had to share them. 140-year-old Claudio's above brags its the oldest, continually operating, same-family-owned restaurant in the U.S. (I think Antoine's of New Orleans, founded in 1840, and run by the same family, might have something to say about that.)

My favorite is below. Whiskey Wind Tavern is one of the best bar names I've ever heard. It's open every day of the year.


enodo said...

Brooks, we need your blog back - even if it is not every day!

Ken Mac said...

glad you're back with this excellent post. WE expect many more!

Brooks of Sheffield said...

I haven't decided what I'm doing. For now, it's just what I said back in June: I'll post my Who Goes There columns, and when something important is lost. To that I may add "when I feel like it." Maybe something will pop up once a week, if I'm inspired. I'm happy to be freed of the grind. But I have found it's hard to go cold turkey writing about the city, when you love the city so much.