19 October 2010

Streit's Is Staying Put

Thought I would pass on some happy news.

A year or so ago, Streit's—the old matzo factory on Rivington and one of the last vestiges of the old Jewish Lower East Side—bummed everyone out by saying they were selling their building and clearing out.

So I was surprised to walk by the address the other day and still see matzos being cranked out of the small factory. What's more, there was a sweet little retail store in the space, selling every sort of thing Streit's produces. I asked the man behind the counter what was up. He said the plan to abandon the building had been, well, abandoned. They were staying. The reason he gave was that the old matzo-making machines were 80 years old, too ancient and too difficult to move at this point.

This may be old news. Not sure. But it's new news to me. And good news.

I bought a couple of cans of Streit's soup. Very salty and very good.


Jill said...

Yes, old news, but worth repeating!

Lauren said...

Here's a little more info (from 2008) about Streit's decision to stay put -- apparently "waiting for the market to turn."