09 January 2012

Bed Bug Club Is Exterminated

I never knew what the Bed Bug Club, at the south east corner of Smith Street and Third Street in Carroll Gardens, was. But now I know one thing about it: it's gone. There used to be a sign in the window advertising the presence of the (perhaps joke) club. Not it's gone.

I never took a good look at the space. With the weird name, the pictures of the World Trade Center in the window, and the Don't-Come-Near-Me vibe of the place, I always assumed it was a private club. But peering in at the vacated address, it looks more like a repair shop of some kind. There's a counter with various fix-it equipment behind it, and lots of non-funtioning clocks and electronic equipment sitting around. I remember an old guy with white hair, heavy dark eyebrows and a large jaw would sometimes sit outside the place.

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ArcDuke said...

The sign's been gone for a while. I thought maybe the neighborhood saw it as an eyesore and wanted it taken down in time for the block party.

I used to walk by in the summertime and the guy would be in a chair outside, watching a tv that was inside. Haven't seen him in years.