25 March 2012

Mizgalski Funeral Home Leaves Greenpoint

Heavily Polish Greenpoint is where you would find a funeral parlor named Mizgalski.

On Java Street, off Manhattan Avenue, was were the mortuary sat. It seems to have closed fairly recently. The property is advertised as for sale. The handpainted name on the metal awning is touching.


Ken Mac said...

i like the green paint, the funky awning, and the gold lamp. Priceless

King Ning said...

Where do you get your information from? Mizgalski's has been defunct since the mid-1980s. A Polish bookstore (ksiegarnia) was at that address (946 Manhattan Avenue) until the late 1990s. There is a restaurant, La Taverna, in that location today. Don't worry, my info is good. Being a lifelong resident of Greenpoint gives one that advantage.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

No wonder the sign looks so old.