12 March 2012

Sign for Closed Joe's Restaurant Spotted

I was sorry to see Joe's Restaurant of Carroll Gardens close recently. The Court Street diner was no institution. It was not historical or particularly unique. But it reeked of local character. Old time Carroll Gardeners went there and gossips and caught up with one another. It was never gentrified or adopted by hipsters of youthful breeders. Probably because the old Italian-American folks inside gave off the unspoken but definite vibe that strangers weren't exactly welcome. Still, I liked it being there. Now Court Street is one step closer to being Everystreet.

Anyway, Edible spotted the old sign this past weekend in Williamsburg. It was being sold by a surfer/scrapman. Wonder how much he was asking.

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marco said...

Hi my name is marco do you know where I can get that sign or who has It I would really like it