17 May 2012

How New Corner Restaurant Got That Name

When I visited the old Brooklyn eatery Colandrea New Corner Restaurant for the first time a few weeks back, I thought the name odd. It obviously seemed to be the sort of name that a joint picks after it has been forced to move, or was in its second iteration of some sort. Yet all the evidence I could glean told me that New Corner had always been where it was. It wasn't a new corner. It was the same old corner.

And then this comment came in yesterday:
This is a quote from my mother who grew up on 74th and 10th: "Used to eat at the New Corner Restaurant all the time; a particular favorite of my Father's. Actually 'back in the day' it was called the Five Corners Restaurant, then they changed up the streets and a corner was lost. So, I guess the name needed to be changed to either 'Four' or 'New'..."
Now you know. I do, too.

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