28 May 2012

That Drug Store That's Always Been There

Some City landmark businesses don't get a lot of attention from the press, simply because they're not that flashy and don't draw attention to themselves. One such is Thomas Drugs, which has been quietly keeping the Upper West Side healthy since 1904. Regular reader Upstate Johnny G reminded me of the shop—which I've passes by hundreds of times—and I realized that I, too, have neglected Thomas and never posted a thing about the drug store.

Thomas is at Columbus and 68th Street. And maybe they like their low profile. For I can find out little about them. They have no website. And, as far as I can tell, they shop has never been in the news and the owners never interviewed about anything.

Something funny about the name Thomas—it seems to breed drug store longevity across the nation. A Thomas Drug Store in Thomasville, Georgia, says its the oldest drug store in that state. It was founded in 1881. Another Thomas Drug Store, in Meyersdale, PA, has been there since 1896. There is Thomas Drugs in Cross Plains, TN, which was established in 1930. In contrast to Manhattan's Thomas Drugs, all those drug stores make a big deal of their histories.

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