01 August 2012

Barrymore's, As It Was

One of the first closures I wrote about on this blog, back in 2006, was of Barrymore's, the Theatre District eatery. It was one of four longstanding, affordable bars on W. 45th Street and W. 46th Street that were needlessly and heartlessly torn down to make way for a luxury hotel plan that never happened. (Frankie & Johnnie's Steakhouse was the only survivor of that massacre.)

A reader recently sent me these photos of the lost theatre hangout. They're from 2000. Only 12 years ago, but seems like an age away.

Someone using a pay phone! I guess 2000 was a long time ago. Has Barrymore's survived, that wouldn't have been yanked out by now.


Janice Mahon said...

Was this establishment named for the famed Barrymore family? Their birth name was Blythe, their actor father Maurice Barrymore was a stage name. Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! It was our favorite pre-theatre spot for dinner for many years, and we've never found a replacement for it. Do you know whether they have re-opened somewhere else?

Rev. E.M. Camarena said...

Some shots I took at the closing of Barrymore's