06 August 2012

The Wacky Wondrousness of Roll-N-Roaster

I recently profiled Sheepshead Bay's Roll-N-Roaster in my "Who Goes There?" column for Eater. For those who have never been there, I wanted to share these photos to get across an idea of singular personality of the place. The above diner waitress is featured often on restaurant materials. Her figure is hourglass and her outfit skimpy in every depiction. Note: none of the real Roll-N-Roaster workers dress like this.

The pineapple flag is a timeworn symbol of welcome.

"Simply delicious" is Roll-N-Roaster's slogan. The wheel below can be spun by people celebrating their birthday. $25 is the most you can win.

Look at all the things you can get "cheez" on. And all the things you can get in a cup.

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alex albanese said...

see the youtube link for the disco era local commercial - was on channels 9 and 11 all the time - Alex