12 September 2012

A Good Sign: Mike's Donuts & Coffee

In Bay Ridge. Making homemade donuts on the premises since 1976. Still family owned.


Anonymous said...

Too bad there is no apostrophe.

upstate Johnny G said...

Hey, Anon.....was that intended to be snarky toward Brooks or toward the donut shop? If you look at the photo you'll see that on the sign it's "Mikes" and on the awning it's "Mike's"......so Brooks can't really be wrong, can he? And if you're being critical of the shop, well, why not just dial back the judgement level and accept the discrepancy as just one of those little things that help make up the charm of NYC?

Brooks of Sheffield said...

I wasn't sure which way to go. The sign has no apostrophe, but the awning does. Since the awning is newer, I assume that's the name they intend. I love that the sign says "Mikes." Like it's a donut shop just for people named Mike.