25 September 2012

Old, But Doesn't Look It

This garish storefront on Delancey Street dominated by the bright orange Benjamin Moore sign (thank you, Benjamin Moore, by the way, for slowly but surely uglifying every old hardware store in the city with your imposed signage) doesn't look like an old business. But sharp eyes will notice the small sign near the sidewalk that says this is the home of M. Schames & Son, a concern that's been in operation since 1927.

Those with a good memory of the Lower East Side will recall that Schames used to be located on lower Essex Street, where it had much more interesting signage (included an old Dutch Boy Paints sign). It relocated in 2010, having to move because the demolition of a neighboring building had destabilized its home. Bowery Boogie has some nice old photos of the place. The business has been family owned from the start.

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