07 December 2012

A Change of Sign at Tout Va Bien

I'm not sure when this happened—probably some time ago—but Tout Va Bien, the old school French hold-out in Hell's Kitchen, has changed its neon sign. The classic original sign (above) has been removed, and a reasonable facsimile (below) has been put in its place. The new one's not bad, but not nearly as charming. It lacks the handmade quality of the original. The font is more ordinary. Most significantly, they've going from two colors to one.

I imagine the old sign just died one night and a replacement was required.

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Soxtory said...

Here last night. Apparently ownership changed a few months ago and it shows! The place was dead!
Always before it was packed with French speaking patrons, dancing,laughing and making merry, especially on Friday night. I was
worried about getting a table after the theatre but, not to worry.

We were not even asked for a drink order after being seated. The chicken was awful, a dish hard to screw up! Doubt if we shall return. A real shame!