09 September 2013

Lost City: Milwaukee Edition: A Good Sign: Leon's Custard

Leon's has been serving superlative custard in south Milwaukee since 1942. The roadside sign, dating from the '50s, is a work of art. The stand itself, seen below, ain't so bad either. Local legend has it that Leon's was the inspiration for Arnold's, the drive-in featured in "Happy Days."


upstate johnny g said...

Very cool, Brooks! I'm guessing the center part of that incredible sign revolves? Or is that bit that goes out from the bottom, up the side and across the top just a giant "C" for custard? Speaking of custard, I understand that although invented at Coney Island, it is Milwaukee that has the world's greatest concentration of custard shops! And it's custard because it has egg yolks in the mix and ice cream doesn't. Cool again. Thanks for posting this!

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Indeed. Milwaukee is the capital of great custard. It makes sense, owing to the city's easy access to great dairy. I believe it being custard, and not ice cream, has also to do with the buttermilk content, as well as the egg yolks.