06 September 2013

The Windows of La Declice Pastry Shop

La Delice Pastry Shop is a small corner bakery at 27th and Third Avenue. It's been in business for nearly 80 years. I rarely get the chance to visit it since I'm not in this neighborhood very often. But it's always a delight to encounter it when I am in that area. The storefront always comes as a happy surprise to me, so perfect is it in its old-school stylings. And the windows, chock full of colorful sweets, are always worth a long, lingering gander. Take a look:


Annie said...

I used to live down the block from this bakery and I would always look at the window but I never stopped in. I see that #5 cupcake thing all the time and I always wondered what it was.

Hels said...

I don't like creamy, gooey cakes but well laid out pastries in glass display windows are sublime.

I travel overseas each year, ostensibly to look at the architecture, art, museums, railways stations, cathedrals etc. But really it is to eat afternoon tea in a coffee-pastry shop :)

Carol Gardens said...

They have a really great black and white cookie. It is unique: thin and crunchy and a little bit dry in a good way, very different from the doughy ones in most bakeries.