10 June 2014

A Perfect Storefront: Franklin Street Laundromat

This is just a laundromat on Franklin Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, that I like the look of. Guess what it's called? Franklin Street Laundromat. Old painted sign. Old brick building. Old stick-on letter advertising "Prompt Service," "Drop Off Service" and "Self Service." Every kind of service!

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King Ning said...

That there laundromat is located in the Astral Apartments building, on the corner of India and Franklin Streets. Relatively speaking, it's not that old of an establishment. It's been in that spot since the mid 1980's. Before then, it was used as a storage area by the building super.

What is more interesting, and something you and a lot of people might not be aware of, is that this location was the home of the first public library in Greenpoint. The library was in operation from shortly after the Astral opened, in 1886, to 1906. That is when the new Carnegie Library opened on Norman Avenue.

I lived up the block at 102 India for over forty years and know a little about the neighborhood. ;)