03 September 2009

The 3 Decker Restaurant

There are many greasy spoons in the city (though not as many as I'd like), and sometimes it's just the little touch of weirdness that sets one apart from the pack. With the 3 Decker Restaurant, in Greenpoint, it's the name and their odd devotion to the club sandwich. You can order a great many different sandwiches here in the club format—that is, two sets of filling separated by a third slice of bread placed halfway between the bottom and top slices. Strange. And wonderful. It's a gimmick. A simple one, but a good one.

Then, there's that name. Generally, if club sandwiches are called by another name, it's a "double-decker." The sandwich has three slices of bread, yes, but two "decks." If someone did decide to call it by the number of bread slices, they would say "triple-decker." But this diner is called the "3 decker," which is totally strange, in its mild way. And that's what makes the name great.

The place is celebrating 30 years in business just now, so go in and say hi. And have yourself a three-decker tuna salad and sliced egg sandwich.


Ian W. said...

I always assumed it was called that because they might have once occupied all 3 floors of the building. The one time I ate there I looked all around and couldn't find the staircase, so I assumed they had renovated when they got rid of the upper floors.

But your explanation for the name makes a lot more sense.

SGI said...

Manhattan 3 Decker has been open since 1928. It's celebrating 30 years under the present owner, who kept the original name. My mother used take my little sister and me to the 3 Decker whenever she hit the Avenue for shopping or, coming back from a day in McCarren Park. And, that was in the early-mid 1960s.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Seriously, SGI? 1928? That's good information to know. Thanks.