22 February 2011

Columbus Circle Diner Memory

A couple years ago, I posted this photo of an old luncheonette that used to be on Columbus Circle. (There's a Starbucks there now.) The other day a reader who actually visited this drug store wrote this:
I went to this beautiful luncheonette after dropping my band's CD with Atlantic Records. It was a very big day for me as a young musician. I am a Canadian songwriter, today writing a song about how my friend- now gone by suicide, connected me with Arif Mardin, of Atlantic. A perfect chocolate shake and tuna sandwich at this classic NYC soda shop made me feel special and at home. I'll share the moment in the song. Thank you for the photos and history of a treasured place in time...where I sat with my hopes and dreamed a little while. ..... Arif liked the record, bless his soul (and my late friend's) and that of the Columbus Circle Pharmacy that place had plenty of soul!


Erica said...

I used to eat in there with my grandmother 20 years ago when she used to drag me on Saturday mornings to the Lincoln Center Young Peoples' Concerts. It was a lovely place, although when I was there I never thought of it as a "classic NYC soda shop" because I never thought that one day they'd all be gone. I still remember the guy behind the counter, an old African-American man in a white T-shirt and apron who used to make me cream cheese and jelly sandwiches on a toasted bagel.

John Tucker said...

How fun to come across this photograph. I discovered this drug store when I got a job in the neighborhood in the 1980's. Even then, it seemed like an anomaly, one of the few drug stores that still had a soda fountain at one end. I'm not sure I ever ate there, something unappetizing about eating next to a display of laxatives, but the lunch counter was always busy and I enjoyed the old fashioned weirdness of the place, like the 10 year-old, dog-eared greeting cards still for sale on the wrack by the phone booths.

Dr. Celesti Colds Fechter said...

OMG, I last saw this place back in the 1970s! Great chocolate shakes and real New York-style tuna salad, the kind in which the tuna "salad" had an almost pate-like texture.