04 May 2007

The Brooklyn Inn Mystery Solved

Eater.com finally got to the bottom of the mystery of what is going to befall the beloved Brooklyn Inn when the joint's new manager Jason Furlani contacted them, responding to all the sound and fury on this site and others last week about the possible fate of the place. And it's all good, I'm happy to say. Here's what he told Eater.com:

Okay - here's the bottom line: the Brooklyn Inn is going to maintain EXACTLY the same vibe as it did before. How do I know...?

I'm the NEW manager.

My name is Jason Furlani, and for almost thirteen years I've worked for the individuals who NOW own/operate the Brooklyn Inn (as well as own the building it's housed in - that part was correct) and - for the record - they have NO PLANS to turn it into anything other than what it is... the Broooklyn Inn.

In fact - the only things that ARE being done to the space is a function of making it better/more comfortable for you - the Brooklynites that hang there. The NEW owners (who - by-the-by - currently have three very popular bars in the city, the oldest being twenty-five years old) LOVE the Brooklyn Inn.

They are making capitol improvements - like having the tap lines cleaned on a regular basis (and NO - they weren't before...) the bathrooms redone/cleaned up (and if you REALLY hang there you KNOW it needs it) and some pluming issues that are really boring to discuss. Anyone has a problem with any of that - feel free to call us on it.

All told - I am sorry the rumor mill has spewed out so much crap and caused so many such anxiety. Guess that's the legacy of the old management. Must have REALLY loved the place to allow that to happen, ESPECIALLY after we assured them it was never in the cards.

So here's the deal - I'm there - you wanna talk, come on by... Meanwhile the Brooklyn Inn - IS and WILL BE..."as-is."


Jason Furlani
Manager, Brooklyn Inn

I can live with that. And, for my money, the rumor mill was all for the good, because it brought out the truth.


Anonymous said...

Great. The rumor mill brought out the truth. Those of us who work at The Inn spend our days (and nights)cleaning up after those who've spread said rumors. Perhaps if you'd gone to the source, you might have cleared this up much quicker with facts and with less reliance on nonsense and hearsay.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Hey, Bartender: Sorry if the rumor mill caused you strife. It's only because people care about the Inn that they wonder. And the source of my original post was a bartender at the Inn, who you would think would amount to one of "the source"s.