04 May 2007

No-Name Nabe to Get Wine Store

Red Hook Flats, Carroll Gardens West, Columbia Heights Waterfront District, whatever you want to call it—that undefined area west of the BQE and north of Hamilton Avenue is going to get a wine store, it's first as far as I can tell.

Construction is underway on Union Street in the space previously occupied by Pegasus Video, a nice independent rental place with a quirky vibe and a parrot. The workers inside didn't know what the address was going to be, but the notice posted on the door said it was going to be run by Old Brooklyn Wine and Liquors Ltd. (don't know if that's the name of the store) and that the owner had applied for a liquor license.

If the shop is a decent one, this is good. There's no place to buy wine in the area. One must walk to Court or Smith, or down to LaNell's in Red Hook. The only place nearby is Henry Street Wine and Liquors, which most locals agree has a paltry selection and is run by a meathead who knows nothing about his stock.

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