28 May 2007

Spelling It Out for Red Hook

I saw this hilarious sign on a fire box on Van Brunt. The FDNY must think Red Hookers especially thick—so dense they don't know how to put into words the fact that they have just seen a conflagration.

This non-functional box also made me wonder if the city doesn't want Red Hook to just burn to the ground. They recently put one of the neighborhood's firehouses out of commission, after all. Sure would make it easier to put up more big box stores and semi-truck-friendly roads if the area was all scorched earth.


Amy said...

No worries, the firemen pass that box in their big truck at least four times a day as they come and go from Fairway doing their shopping.

Anonymous said...

1) None of those boxes probably work anyway... if they remove the non-functioning boxes, judging by your blog's subtitle, you'd probably just complain about that too.

2) It's FDNY, not NYFD.

3) Most importantly, there's no need to worry about fires in Red Hook. By 2050 the whole nabe will be below sea level; the water will put the fires out.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

I don't get your point Anonymous. Should I not complain if most fireboxes don't work? Should I also not complain if the non-working ones are removed and not replaced with working ones? Would I meet your approval as a worthwhile citizen after that? By your thinking, I also shouldn't complain about global warming, just wait for it to sink Red Hook and then pat myself on the back saying "Well, at least I didn't bitch about it and irritate Anonymous." Jerk.