17 July 2007

Lord & Taylor in Line to Become Landmark

Just last November, the president of NRDC, the acronym that owns the Lord & Taylor department store chain, said he wanted to close the shopping icon's flagship Manhattan store on Fifth Avenue and 39th Street. "It's nice having a Manhattan store, but I wouldn't call it key," said President Richard Baker. "We want to be where people live, not where they work."

Now, NRDC is saying it wants to keep the store up and running. What changed? Well, it may have something to do with the City's Landmarks Commission announcement that it's considering making the 1914 building a landmark.

Of course, whatever the Commission decides in the future, NRDC wouldn't be forced to keep on doing business on the site. But one can only imagine that the Commission's interest in the building has acted as a wake-up call to the know-nothings in the head office. Or maybe they just don't like that idea that they'd now have to get approval from the City if they wanted to convert the building into condos or some such thing. Better to just let things stand as they are.

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Unknown said...

The store itself is a beautiful and utterly classic in its design, aside from being a great place to shop. I hope it becomes a landmark - it deserves to be protected!