23 July 2007

You Said It, Sister!

It's official. Overdevelopment in New York City is so rabid and vicious that it doesn't just upset soft-hearted sentimentalists like myself. It's so bad it pisses off hard-bitten heavy metal guitarists.

Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French recently bitched to NY1 about how his stomping ground, the Upper West Side, has just lost the 87-year-old flower seller, Embassy Florist.

"Only in the last year has it been so startling that so many landmark stores have finally closed up," said French. "Now of course, we are watching the complete and utter mega-million dollar development of the West Side."

Embassy closed a few weeks ago. Of course, it was because the landmark raised ye olde rent. Embassy decamped for New Jersey. The shop is family owned, which New York City no likey anymore. Faceless corporations with headquarters far way are City Hall's cup of tea. Besides, flowers are for saps who don't know how to make money.

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