04 July 2007

New York Times Leaves Times Square, And Takes Its Balls With It

As most folks know, over the past several weeks, the New York Times staff has decamped from the broadsheet's longtime home on W. 43rd Street to its new digs, the shiny Renzo Piano tower on Eighth Avenue. The reporters, the office equipment, the archives—all moved.

But the Times apparently didn't want to leave any room for a geographical misunderstanding. And so it has removed the building's many globe-like light fixtures bearing the word "Times," written out in the usual, austere script. These lamps once lined the 43rd Street side of the nearly block-long building. They were dusty and old, but they were classy and let you know who owned that particular block on NYC. They have now been replaced with similar white globes, much cleaner, but blank.

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KSx said...

"much cleaner, but blank." Thank you for summing up Our Betters vision for the new New York.