24 August 2007

Bang, Bang, It's Alive!

Some readers are probably going to let me have it for paying tribute to a gun shop. And I won't blame there. Few subjects make me more livid than the resistance to gun control in the country, not to mention the NRA and the persistent, willful misinterpretation of the Second Amendment.

But what can I do! I mean, look at the place. The bold signage, the big prop gun pointing out into Grand Street space. Plus the name John Jovino is just too great. It's a classic. Founded in 1911, it claims to be the oldest gun shop in the U.S. It lives just kitty-corner from the old Police Headquarters on Centre Street—surely a good source of business once upon a time.

It's a gun shop. I hate gun shops. But it's old, it's got charm and personality. I say, it stays!


Anonymous said...

I was a tenant of Jovino for several years, lived right next to the shop. It was quite an experience, happy to see they're still around.

Poi said...

I rented an apartment for several years, Jovino was my landlord--I lived right next door. Ah, the never-to-be-forgotten reek off Grand Street in high summer! The San Gennaro festival, the chicken coop, the broken noses! Glad to see the store's still around.