12 August 2007

Kosher Bakery Solidarity on LES

A reader writes to tell Lost City that the late lamented Gertel's kosher bakery lives on on the Lower East Side.

Moishe's bakery on Grand Street, a surviving LES kosher bakery, has a sign in the window indicating it will carry Gertel's products in the future (Gertel's still does wholesale work out of Williamsburg). For this I say: Way to go, Moishe's. I would imagine that these two bakeries were competitors to the teeth in the past. It's nice of Moishe's to show support for its fallen comrade, and to give Lower East Siders an easy outlet for Gertel's goodies.

1 comment:

Jon said...

This is great news, I was so sad to see gertel's go and mazel tov to moishe's for stepping up to the plate(pun intented).

Plus it is easier for me to get to Moishe's than Gertel's.