03 August 2007

Lost City: Chicago Edition: A Good Sign: The Seven Dwarfs Restaurant

Lot of colons in that headline, huh?

Well, I couldn't pass this one up. I found this sign in Wheaton, IL, a western suburb of Chicago. Don't know how long it's been around, but by the look of the sign (weathered), it's some years. The restaurant has a Snow White theme. Can't imagine why a restauranteur would think that the characters from that Disney film would be a draw to folks hankering for coffee and a sinker, or a plate of hash browns, but here it is. The emphasis on "Patron Parking" is delightful. And extra points for spelling "Dwarves" wrong and never corrected it!


Barbara L. Hanson said...

Webster's 10th has dwarfs as its first choice for the plural, dwarves second. (Things like this just make an editor's day. Now, back to the manuscript.)

Nesta said...

I say, if it's a proper name, it's never wrong!

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Barbara: Goddammit if you're not right! This is all because my brother-in-law insisted it was wrong.