01 November 2010

A New Low For Times Square

In an area already populated with obscene "stores" dedicated to merchandising the most horrifying junk food known to man, the Pop-Tarts Cafe (only just noticed by this person) represents a new low. I thought there was no place one Earth where I could feel more nauseated than I do at the M&M store. I was wrong.

The people employed in this cafe seem awfully embarrassed. I suspect they know they are participants in a terribly disgusting enterprise. I can sort of imagine the kind of person who buys an M&M t-shirt, or a Hershey's hat. But who in their right mind wants the wear Pop-Tarts apparel?

There's a cafe with a menu that out to be against the law, such a nuisance to public health it is. Pop-Tart kebob? Pop-Tart pizza? They're all just excuses to eat more than one Pop-Tart at a time.

But, if you've always wanted to see bathroom instructions on the proper disposal of sanitary napkins printed on the image of a Pop-Tart, well, look no further.


Anonymous said...

I may not want to wear the t-shirt, but I do sort of want to steal that sign.

upstate Johnny G said...

I don't know whether you're back "for good" or not but I just wanted to say that these new postings of yours are wonderful. I'm always glad to learn about the restaurants you highlight. The one about the signs was excellent as well. This one about Pop Tarts invading Times Square is another fine piece. I visited Times Square for the first time in a couple of decades this summer and was astounded at just how closely it resembles a tacky shopping mall turned inside out. Now that I've read your piece I'm thinking about opening my own boutique there......"The Hydrogenated Vegetable Shortening Store"!! Great idea, huh?

But seriously, even if you only put up a piece once in a while, they're still excellent reads and truly appreciated. Note to readers: no, Brooks didn't write this himself, nor did anyone "put me up" to writing this. I just really liked this blog and was sad to see it end, but understood it had to end, and am just happy to see a posting here once in a while.

Bianca said...

It's awful. Thankfully, I think it's only temporary.

Brooks of Sheffield said...

Thanks for the words, Johnny G.

I'm posted when the spirits moves me, which appears to be every other day. The burnout I suffered in early summer seems to have subsided to a more manageable smoldering simmer. Gonna be a lot more pictures now, though, less words and less politics. I gotta take care of myself, and ward off any ulcers or nervous tension I can.

Anonymous said...

When thousands of people in Afghanistan were facing starvation several years ago, what was one of the foods which the U.S. military delivered to them? Pop Tarts. Look it up.


Lisanne! said...

IF they had what is now Times Square somewhere else we could laugh about "Silly town". But they want to trivialize or trash the iconic, so none of these thing are funny.

Nevertheless, they are things that pique our curiosity.

addie said...

If it makes you feel any better, it is not really a new low because the whole area, including that they now have broadway shows based on comic books, has gone to hell!
-----------------Lisanne---That is funny because I used to say that about Bush, that if he was someone elses presedent he would seem pretty funny, like a Keystone Presedent, but the fact that he was ours made him less funny. lol