26 November 2010

Suffolk Theatre to Be Restored

Saw this grand old movie theatre on a recent drive through Riverhead, on the North Fork of Long Island.

The Suffolk Theatre was built by R. Thomas Short and opened on December 30, 1933 and closed in 1987. For a time, it was threatened with destruction. But in 1994, the town of Riverhead has spent about $1 million to purchase the Art Deco theatre and in 2001 restored its roof, marquee, and front facade. It still looks in good shape, but it's not in use. The long delayed restoration of the theatre inside apparently began in August 2010. It will be a performing arts stage and a movie theatre. 

It has one of the most splendid marquees I've ever seen. 


chris said...

Very cool post, it's always nice to see old theatre's restored. I'll defiantly have to check this out once it is finished

Jill said...

Riverhead is kind of amazing. I was there this summer and took some shots http://mingum.blogspot.com/2010/07/riverhead.html

Anonymous said...

Downtown Riverhead definitely has some nice older architecture. Some buildings are vacant, but by no means all, and the area seems to be at least holding its own against decline.